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    Selected component cannot be renamed...


      Anyone else have this issue before and know of a fix?? It tells me the selected component cannot be renamed during the session, and to please try a different name. When I close the session, which I assume is the program, and reopen it, I still can't rename the file. Mind you when it says component Im actually trying to rename a optimized graphic too, not an actual component. Even if I delete the component which has the same name, rename it or change the name to something else, it still wont let me rename the optimized graphic to the name the component had which should really not have anything to do with it anyway.. And there is no other file in the optimized graphic with the same name.. Is there a way to clear the systems cache..or some work around for this? I've tried restarting program, and computer to no avail..


      Thanks in advance, btw Im really liking flash catalyst and am aware its still a relativetly new program which still may have a few bugs and kinks needed to be worked out, but if there is a workaround or fix for this issue that would be great. I'd hate to have to create a new naming structure just because I make a fix to something, have to delete it, and then cant rename it to the same name when I recreate it because the system still thinks its being used.

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Catalyst today more or less reserves any filename in your project's library while that project is open. This means that you'll probably run into trouble deleting an item named "bob" and then trying to rename another item to "bob". Catalyst releases everything when you close a project, however, so you should be able to delete / rename the first item, close your project, reopen, and rename the second item.


          It's an unintuitive restriction that will hopefully be loosened in the future, but for now that's the way Catalyst works.



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            BossPrimo Level 1

            Thanks you were correct, only thing was that I also had to save the project first with the renamed item. It would actually not look like it accepted the renamed item(Im sure it did in the backend), but when I reopend it, and tried renaming it again, the system paused and, it then renamed it. After that I went down to the other file and named the item what the other one previously was. And that worked! A bit of a hassel, but definetly does work.


            Thanks for your help!