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    Camera Raw monitor compensation

    boscarol Level 1

      I have this question: what is the rendering intent in Camera Raw 6 monitor compensation? It is fixed or changes with profile version (v2 and v4)?


      And: is the monitor compensation in module Develop of Lightroom 3 the same (i. e. same rending intent?) as in Camera Raw 6?


      Thank you.



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          Manovi Level 1

          I extend Mauro's question (Hi Mauro).


          Yesterday I made a specific test using a particular monitor ICC profile, indended to show the conversion intent used for monitor profile optimization.


          Lightroom showed LUT Perceptual (because LR does not allow choosing, I couldn't test for Relative Colorimetric intent in absence of Perceptual in profile).


          Photoshop CS5 showed LUT Relative Colorimetric rendering.


          To this point, all it's as is supposed to be.


          But, strangely, both Bridge and ACR di NOT showed the same intent of CS5 (LUT Colorimetric) or LR (LUT Perceptual). They apparently did not show any intent applied (in Bridge I tested with High quality preview and 1:1 render). I forgot to test for matrix/TRC only transform, however.


          So ACR, Bridge and Photoshop are differently color managed, regarding monitor optimization?





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            Manovi Level 1

            I retested with a specific target image for matrix/TRC and, as far as I can see, neither Bridge nor Camera Raw seem to use the monitor profile in any way...


            Can it be?


            Note that Bridge has no "Use Color management" switch anywhere in preferences. I also reset prefernces (files and registry) to be sure.


            May be that Bridge color management stops at embedded color profiles without using the monitor profile?


            The same for Camera Raw?


            By the way I test another well know DAM software... it uses Perceptive intent but at last it sees monitor profiles.


            A very strange matter indeed...



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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

              Bridge and Camera Raw do use the monitor profile, and use the Relative Colorimetric intent.

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                Manovi Level 1

                Thank You Eric.


                Following Your "Company" info I made a simple verification using as monitor profile a large space like ProPhotoRGB and, in fact, Bridge and ACR showed the color shift to duller colors.


                I apologize for the doubt! Probably the "so called" test profile (You can find it in TestTool page from www.colorkeeper.com) is someway not "understandable " by ACR and Bridge and give a "false positive" about the unmanagement of monitor profile.


                I trusted too much on this test profile...I will take any further test with this "tool" as "indicative-only".


                Thank You again for the answer!