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    Linking between to costum components


      Hi everyone!

      I've just started using flash catalyst a couple of days ago and I am loving every minute of it, but I have found a problem that I couldn't find a solution for by googling (never happened to me before!)


      So, I'm a wedding album designer and I'm trying to make kind of a gallery portfolio thing, in which there are groups, thumbnails and large images. Here's a screen print: sitesample.JPG

      So on the left is the categories. When you click a category it opens the matching gallery with thumbnails and when you click a thumbnail the large images open. So far so good.

      Now, I have more than 20 images to display on each category, so what I've done is I've split the categories in half, so I have for instance two states: 'Category1Part1' and 'Category1Part2'. on each state I've created a costum component which is the large image and every state is a different image. When you click the arrows on the sides you get to the next photo/state, and halfway through the arrow links you to 'Category1Part2' and then keeps linking you to the next states in that part.

      Now, so far so good, but I hit a wall when I finally got to linking the thumbnails. Theoretically every thumbnail has to link to the substate it belongs to, but I want all thumbnails both on 'Category1Part1' and 'Category1Part2' so that people can browse through - But when I try adding an interaction of 'onclick' etc. I couldn't see the substates from the other part (for instance when I'm trying to link a thumbnail in 'Part1' to a state in 'Part 2'.


      I guess there aren't any magical solutions but maybe a creative way around it? I've tried some stuff but nothing really works.




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          From my experience so far using catalyst, it seems that components bascially work like a hiearchy, or parent/child relationship. So basically Category1, and Category2 are two separate parents or components, and you are trying to link them to separate childs. The only way I could see it working is if you put both Categories, 1 and 2 on the same state/page. That way Part1 and Part2 can both link to them. I've done something similar which is why I say this, but you would have to put this into action to see if it really works...

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            michalkessel Level 1

            only problem is that there are different thumbnails for every category. Also, the thumbnails are part of a scrollpanel and even if I put the scroll panel on the main state I still don't see the substates of the large image costum component on the list (and the large image has to be a costum component since there are much more than 20 large images)...