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    Flex and roll-over pop-ups.


      My application is similar to a map with roll-over/roll-out popup boxes.  Instead of a map, it is a process "chart" with about 50 "buttons" (in AS3 they are dynamic MovieClips) in about 50 different charts.  In the end there will be about 2500 color-coded roll-over/roll-out popups in 50 different "pages.", each with text and two "buttons" to launch a SWF or a PDF.


      Been learning Flex on and off for a year or so and I'm hypothesizing that Flex would make this app more maintainable and possibly more achievable.  Can anyone respond in general to the popup and maintenance issues?



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          rootsounds Level 4

          Certainly doable with popups and some mouse event fun.


          What you are trying to accomplish is referred to in the Data Visualization API as a "data tip". However it sounds like you will be using your own chart component. It doesn't matter how many popups you have. What is important out of your description is that they have a consistent display. This means that you need single popup window class. All that you have to do is feed some properties to it and display it.

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            dougieweb Level 1

            Thanks for your input. It was helpful to know that it is probably doable - at least seemingly from my description. As I "mess around" in FlexBuilder, I can see that it will be very doable and probably more so than simply using Flash/AS3. 


            By the way, I used the word "chart" a bit loosely.  My application more  resembles color-coded columns, each with a handful of text lables that act as Roll-Over buttons with textual information, but that also launch an interactive instructional SWF or a PDF (for that particular subject).  I'm now wondering if I should use a drop down "something or other" to give the learner an option to play the swf, or get the PDF, then use a tool tip for the textual information?


            Much thanks!

            Doug Edwards

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              Hey Doug,

                                I'm required to build almost a same functionality, to show a small pop up with some textual information on the roll over of some text in the applications. And when users move from the text sources (buttons e.g.) to the pop up, it shouldn't disappear and there should be options in the pop up to allow the user to open further details or navigate to another link.


              Could you please share what did you finally come up with for this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.