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    Running fine locally...remotely..another story..


      I'm trying to create a small mp3 player for my site it'll only have 181x94px of room so it has to be very simple, however I've been wanting to use Ben Stucki's visualizer since it can be scaled to fit in such a small space. I've tried it with/without transparency, in IE and Chrome, locally from disk, and from my site. I'm having issues even getting it to recognise mouse events on my main page, so I created a small HTML file on the same server as my site to see if i could get it working alone remotely. I got it to load and play the song, but it failed to fetch ID3 info and won't load the visualizer. http://p455w0rd.net/images/flexmp3/mp3player-local.png

      Above is a local screen (without transparency, tho it works locally with transparency). Note that ID3 info has been retrieved (which happens before the visualizer is initialized)


      This is a remote screen from my site playing the audio file. You can check it out live @ http://www.p455w0rd.net/Mp3Player.html


      Any ideas why it works 100% perfect locally, but not worth a crap from my site?