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    Security Sandbox

    Ben Danis Level 1

      I am creating a flex application that will run off a CD-ROM as well as online.


      All of my components are external swfs.  After moving my content to a folder outside of bin and running the main swf, i get a 2142 error where external files can't be loaded.  I have set security.allowDomain("*") in the first line of code of the first item added on the stage. This is not resolving anything.


      I have then added the -use-network=false argument to my compiler arguments.  This seems to work fine.  But certain image swfs refuse to be loaded as they have a different sandbox-types (error 2044: Local-with-filesystem and local-with-networking SWF files cannot load each other.)  I'm assuming that the local with filesystem is the application and the local-with-networking is the loaded file. I can't recreate those swfs as they are created by a PDF to SWF conversion tool.


      How can I put my application's sandbox setting to local-with-networking by using compiler arguments?  Is there another way around this?