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    VelociRaptor or not?

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      Am upgrading to CS5. Working with a custom shop to configure system for HDV editing and BD/DVD authoring for son's high school teams and family'n'friends. Do less than 10 1-1.5 hr projects per year. My day job is trading stocks and options -lots of charts and huge inflow of realtime data.


      Salesman suggests Western Digital 150GB (WD1500HLFS) VelociRaptor and 3 WesternDigital 750GB RE3 (WD7502ABYS) in NO RAID array.

      Must confess I am confused despite reading all the fine stuff our top "gurus" post here. He's also pushing i7-960 instead of OC an i7-920, 12gb DDR1600Mhz RAM.


      Is 150GB for a C: Drive large enough and is it cost effective vs. a regular HD? What's the opinion on the WD 750 GB RE3? Maybe I don't really need 3 of them.


      Thanking in advance - you guys here are providing many of a real service!!

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          JCschild Level 3

          i would suggest you find a new custom shop!


          unless you are a hobbiest then stay away from the 700/800 series


          those wd drives only have 32meg cache rather than 64meg...

          Raptor as an OS is fairly pointless if you want a real difference go SSD (and it needs to be a good one)

          or stick with standard 7200 OS drive.




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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            The I7 960 is really not worth the extra money. I would either go with a I7 930 stock or overclocked or an I7 970 6 core if you have the budget. The CPU's in between are really not worth the money considering what you can clock most 930's to these days.


            The Western Digital 1TB 64 Meg cache drives are the ones to go for. The RE3's are a waste of money if your not building a raid and their warranty is the same as the new 1TB 64 Meg cache drives. Raptor drives are great in a large array but not really worth the money as single drives. SSD is definitely a better choice if you have the budget. Otherwise go with the 1TB drives for the OS as well.




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              JCschild Level 3

              doh i thought he posted 860 not 960....