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    Main Menu Text Problem


      I have created a Main Menu that has 6 menu markers in it. Originally, the names for the menu markers were very short and the menu looked fine. I later edited the names which them a little longer (i.e., more letters). On the fifth menu marker, everytime I make the name longer, it enlarges the thumbnail offset and the type after I exit the program. It initially looks okay on the screen right after I make the edit, but if I exit and get back into the program or if I burn a DVD, the enlargement occurs. I can correct it and save it again, but everytime I exit and get back into the program, the enlargement has occurred.


      The names of the first few menu markers are just as long or longer but they do not enlarge. I cannot figure out what is causing this behavior. Any ideas?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Is this unique to one particular menu template, or are you seeing it happen with all of your templates?


          If so, which template?


          Have you tried other fonts?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            No part of a Button may overlap any part of another Button, not even by 1 pixel.


            The Button is a rectangle, that encompasses the largest object in that Button, even if it is text in the Button, like in the PrE Menu Sets.


            It seems most likely that you have expanded one Button beyond the room on the Menu, so that PrE is moving it to accommodate the extended text.


            You can change the font size to be smaller, or you can move the Buttons around for more room. Do not recall if PrE will allow you to do this, but you can edit the Menu Sets in Photoshop, or PhotoshopElements, and use the modified versions.


            Good luck,