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    Webengine question about image renditions

      I know that I can define any number of image  sizes in a webengine. What I want to know is, is there a way to define a  size and only have one of the images (or just a certain nunmber but not all of the images) in a gallery collection rendered  in that size?


      Right now I have a gallery that has a main page  with a single image that links to a set of grid pages that link to the  individual image pages. I can create the main page with the image that I  want but when I define the size for that image and the directory to  store it, LR renders all of the images in the gallery collection that  size in that directory. So I end up with a number of superfluous images.  How do I prevent that from happening? How do I cause only the images I  use to be rendered in a particular size?