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    Trouble when trying to creat an "Instant Movie"


      I've done a lot of video projects in PE8, with good results (especially after applying the update patch. This week I decided to try to create an "instant movie". I select instant movie, select the jpegs I'm going to use, I then select the theme (pans and zooms), add my music (wav file). It analyzes the objects (jpegs) and adds it to the timeline. Afterwards a window pops up and reads that video playback will be better if the footage is rendered, and gives the option to render it . I hit ok and the window half disappears and it begins to render but then stops and never finishes. If I try to playback what is on the timeline the music plays fine,but the pictures are not there except for just a small segment about three-quartres of the way through. The rest of the video track is blank and the audio track shows no music waves, but it is there. What gives?