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    Problem with a Flash Builder Project


      good morning to all

      I have a problem with a project done in flash builder 4.

      My  project works well in a WAMP Server in Windows 7 is a project that  connects to a MySQL database, but I would like to migrate the entire  project done in a WAMP server on Linux (Ubuntu Web Server). The problem I have is that my Ubuntu server I have everything properly installed:
      MySQL - phpMyAdmin
      Zend Framework
      but when I upload all my project from WAMP to my Linux server - I get an error:
      ... Class "CategoryService" does not exist: Plugin by name 'CategoryService' was not found in the registry; Used paths:
      : C: / wamp / www / Servers-debug / services /
      #  0 / opt/ZendFramework/release-1.9.7/library/Zend/Amf/Server.php (550):  Zend_Amf_Server-> _dispatch ('getAllCategory', Array,  'CategoryService')
      # 1 /  opt/ZendFramework/release-1.9.7/library/Zend/Amf/Server.php (626):  Zend_Amf_Server-> _handle (Object (Zend_Amf_Request_Http))
      # 2 / var / www / Servers-debug / gateway.php (69): Zend_Amf_Server-> handle ()
      # 3 (main) ...

      obviously -> "... C: / wamp / www / Servers-debug / services / ..." it  is a mistake because it is the path of my wamp server (Windows), but do  not know

      where to modify the code of my project to understand the

      following path: / var / www / Servers-debug / services / <- that is my address in ubuntu?


      anyone can help me, please!!