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    re-dispatchEvent after stopImmediatePropigation?

    bmilesp Level 1



      I have an event getting captured in the preloader then the event has stopImmediatePropigation called. I've been trying to dispatch the event again using a number of methods including:


      //in init function:

      //_preloader.addEventListener(FlexEvent.PRELOADER_DOC_FRAME_READY, onDocFrameReady, false, int.MAX_VALUE);


      private function onDocFrameReady(e:FlexEvent):void


           pendingInitProgressEvent = e.clone();
           dispatchEvent(pendingInitProgressEvent);// here for testing



      the last line does not work, yet when i comment out the code block in the onDocFrameReady function, the event is not stopped and is fired as expected.

      So, how can i capture the event then dispatch it later? thank you -b