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    Setting up ICC Color Profiles in Adobe Illustrator 8.0


      Yeah I know it's embarrassing. 8.0.


      I've looked around on the internet, I have found tutorials but they all involve fancy-pansy equipment that only a huge ad agency could afford, and there are no local color adjusting professionals in my area. The closest one would cost me as much as buying the equipment myself!


      I'm using CMYK inkjet printing most of the time, I just do small projects like flyers, small promo pieces, and I have IC's out with a couple of larger graphics companies to provide support during their busy season, but I had to print a small run of 10 pieces on waterproof vinyl and that meant sending to a small local copy shop that uses Corel Draw. He's the one that told me my color profiles were not set, and had to ask me what color it was meant to be. Luckily it was all 1 color that time. I'm starting to see more work requests involving waterproof vinyl, so I need to get this set up.