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    Mobile App - CS4


      Hi, I am trying to make a mobile phone application with CS4. I have a couple questions:


      1. Do I need to install a new framework to get touch events and accelerometer properties working?


      2. Do I need to include some sort of flash player 10.1 plug in with my files to make it work properly on mobile phones?


      3. Can I simply make a normal as3 project, with a .fla made in Flash CS4, and have mouse events work as finger presses for a touch screen phone?



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          joeff2 Level 1

          I'm not quite sure it can be done so "simply" as all that-- Adobe had to engineer a special 'app packager' utility for the iPhone in Flash CS5, and I believe (thanks largely to Steve Jobs and his infamous iOS 4 terms of service clause 3.3.1) that they are working on an analogous utility for packaging Android apps now.  Since I don't know exactly how these utilities work I can't comment on whether they are absolutely necessary for mobile app creation or merely a convenience, but it seems likely that given the complex and highly disparate architecture of mobile devices these special utilities probably are necessary for creating apps out of AS3 projects (and therefore you'll probably need Flash CS5).  It would be quite interesting if my conjecture is wrong and there is a way to package apps for mobile devices without any special utility; I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread for Adobe official replies!   



          I just saw this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/696642?tstart=0

          It seems from the tutorial vid linked in the last post that you can create apps for Android via Adobe AIR, so perhaps (for Android devices at least) CS4 would suffice... I can't listen to the sound now so for all I know the first words could be 'you need CS5 for this to work' but from the visuals it looks promising.  Take a look!