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    JS CS3 How to apply wrap options to selected textframes

    John.Kordas Level 1

      If you manually select a number of textframes and then click on the wrap around bounding box option for example it is applied to all the selected items.



      To do this in a script can it be done without looping through each selection?


      For example:


      var myNewGroup = app.selection

      myNewGroup.textWrapPreferences.textWrapType = TextWrapTypes.NONE;

      var myGroup = app.activeDocument.groups.add(myNewGroup);



      This does work but if you have over 1000 text frames selected it takes quite a while.


      for (i=app.selection.length-1; i>=0; i--) {

              app.selection[i].textWrapPreferences.textWrapType = TextWrapTypes.NONE;



      Any suggestions?


      Cheers, John.