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    Mapping HTM through CF 8 server

      I've just upgraded to CF 8 from MX 6.1. Under MX 6.1 on my web server I had HTM and HTML files mapped through IIS to go through the CF server and they worked fine - I could put cfml code in HTM files and it all worked ok.

      Now after the upgrade to CF 8 it no longer works. I had to change the mapping in IIS for HTM files to point to the new jrun.dll under CF 8 (same file the CFM and CFML templates map to).

      But when I try and run any HTM file I either get "cannot display the page errors" or "zero sized reply".

      I need help ASAP please as this is on my production server. I tested my CF sites ok ,but I didn't check the HTM mappings :(