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    Error java runtime environment

    athiroy Level 1



      i have create a virtual keyboard for english and tamil with backend process.
      i have created tat virtual keyboard using custom component.


      i have used that customcomponent(vkey.mxml)in main.mxml file


      i have build the ant build.xml file .


      that time it build sucessfully.


      if i change any alignment or any thing i have build one more time.


      that time i have received on hs_err_pid5032.log containing


      A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment.


      jav.lang.outofMemoryError:requested 32756 bytes for chunkpool:allocated. out of swap space?


      this is the error
      how i rectify this error.
      if i have build one more time the flashbuilder 4 and plugin eclipse application terminated.