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    I18N and dataprovider




      I'm trying to implement the internationlization for an application. The language should be changed at runtime that's why I use the resourceManger functionality of flex. My problem is that some of our app widgets liek comoboxes are using dataprovider in order to be filled. If I change the language these widgets are not updated. Here is some sample code:


      <mx:ComboBox id="combo" dataProvider="{comboArray}"/>


      the dataprovider is initialised in the onApplicationComplete method of the view

      comboArray = [{label:resourceManager.getString('language', 'form.value1.label'), data:"test1"},
      {label:resourceManager.getString('language', 'form.value2.label'), data:"test2"}];


      Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this issue or best practices?



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          BhaskerChari Level 4

          Hi mwoodpecker,


          When you are changing the language of the application...try to rebuild the comboArray array and reset the dataprovider for your



          This will resolve the problem.




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            JabbyPandaUA Level 3

            Add to all your instances of  combo box (DropDownList in Flex 4) the following:


            override protected function resourcesChanged() :  void {
                    var storedSelectedIndex : int = selectedIndex;
                    selectedIndex = -1;
                    selectedIndex = storedSelectedIndex;

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              Did you find a solution ?


              Same problem for me.. I have a List component that is filled with ArrayList (or bindable variable). The label element have to be translate if  i push a button.


              <fx:Object label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'strawberry')}" data="0"/>
              <fx:Object label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'pear')}" data="1"/>

              What is inside my function when i push the button.

              ResourceManager.getInstance().localeChain = ["fr_CH"];

              Nothing is translated.... I already tried to use a [Bindable] variable with datas inside but still no reaction.


              In simple VBox is working...


              <mx:VBox id="testVBox" 
              label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'pear')}"

              Someone can help me please ?

              Thanks in advance.