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    swf not showing

    ianben Level 1


      I have recently built documents in InDesign and exported to swf (I wanted the page turn feature ). I then place them in Catalyst - everything is hunky dory in Run Project but when I Publish the files don't show. I have checked that they are in Assets/Images, which is where the Catalyst code says it will source them from but still no joy.

      Am I missing something basic here?



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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

          Hi Ian,


          What publish settings are you using?  You have probably looked at this already - Help docs - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashcatalyst/cs/using/WS4bebcd66a74275c3-326fcb52123816c0204- 7fee.html


          Happy to take a look at your file if you can post the source .fxp file.




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            ianben Level 1

            Thanks Tania,

            I was publishing to swf and AIR. It works when I import it to FlashBuilder

            but not from the Deploy to Web folder, very strange. I am currently revising

            the pages but will gladly take up your offer when I have finished this bit.






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