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    Dynamic Link cannot connect to server - Mac OSX



      I have a problem importin AE compositions with Dynamic Link.

      I have Master Collection CS5 installed on a Mac oSX 10.5.8

      When I try, for example, to import in Media Encoder a AE composition happear the window where I should choose the composition, but for a few minutes stay "Connecting to Dynamic Link server" and than "Cannot connect to Dynamic Link server".


      I was never able to use Dynamic Link since I installed CS5.

      I also tried to create a new admin user and with that new user it worked, but only for maybe a week... than it started again to say "cannot connect....."


      Something change in preferences I think, but I have no idea what can be, I used without problems on friday evening last time and on monday morning it quit to work...


      Someone know something more about?


      Thanks in advance.