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    FlexBook Project - Desparate

      I'm using Ely Greenfield's fantastic flexBook component to build a book bound to an XML list but I've gotten stuck on a crucial aspect that can dismantle the entire project.

      I'm pretty green with flex and actionscript, I've poured over a lot of training books but I just can't figure this one out: as the user flips, each left/right page needs to have separate click events that will trigger a change state bringing up a high-res version. Instead of a page spread (the default state), there will be only a single left or right page enlarged as a high res jpg that should help with readability.

      I have absolutely no idea on how bind the current page left/right page to a button that will initiate this change state.

      I'm also posting this on several forums in hope that someone has an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.