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    Mystery Audio added to question slide

    Noel_Griffiths Level 1

      I am working in Captivate 4.

      Whilst creating a series of question slides I came across a problem whereby one or two of the question slides would not move on after the correct answering of the question.

      Turns out that the slides that would not advance had somehow got a short audio file attached (see under Slide 10 bottom left in screenshot).

      Luckily I spotted this quickly, otherwise I could have been spending hours trying to resolve this.


      I have not added any audio to any of my question slides so wonder;


      a. What caused the small audio to attach itself to the slide ?

      b. Is this a known problem with Captivate 4 or others ?

      c. Do I have a problem with my version of Captivate ?


      Audio error.png