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    Recording with FMR in Cp4...shrinks the screen


      I'm recording a screen that has text moving across the top from right to left.

      I record the screen, press F9 to start the FMR and then press F10 to end the FMR.  Cp4 puts the video camera on the screen but the screen capture shrinks significantly in Edit mode.  It's so small you cannot see it.  However, when I view the screen in Preview:Project or Preview:In Web Browser it looks fine.  This doesn't happen every time I use manual FMR, just sometimes.


      Is there a setting or something I can change to enable the screen capture on the FMR slides to be regular size?


      ps...I also noticed the animated arrows are behaving the same way.  When I Insert:Animation and choose the SWF arrows, in Edit mode, the arrows are too small to see however they do appear properly in Preview: Project mode.


      Thank you in advance for any advice.