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    Problems with timewarp effect!

    ametuer cinema dude Level 1

      I am very new to more advanced software for cinematography.  I found this timewarp effect in After Effects that works just AMAZING! My problem was by default it cuts the end of my video when I attempt to dramatically slow it down.  (Again still does an amazing job!)  I've searched all over the Adobe website including the help files and forums, but nothing that anyone suggested worked.  I applied time remapping before I used the timewarp effect.  Nothing changed!  I time stretched the video and applied timewarp at 100% to prevent cutting.  Timewarp didn't work!  So if any professional can help me here and explain my dilemma and a solution in the easiest words possible, that would be most appreciated.  One other note: Anyone know the best place to get online tutorials (possibly free)?  Thanks.  Please respond.