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      Hello Everyone!

      I need a little bit of advice. I created a presentation in Director using MPEG 1 video with the MPEG Xtra Advance. However
      the video won't play on my clients computer.

      The presentation plays on all my 3 three computers 2 of which are Mac and one PC with Vista.

      I need to insure successful playback, what is the best way to accomplish this.

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          The xtra you cite should play MPEG1 files without nany software
          installation on any Mac/Windows machine.
          Does the video play back properly when you double-click the video file
          (that is, without involving your Director projector)? And if so, which
          application plays it?
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            Hi Sean,

            Thanks for replying to my plea. :) On my client's computer it will not open the video in either quicktime or windows media. However the individual file will open on both on all my computers (Mac and PC).

            I use a MAC to create the file. Is there a program that I could use that would create a MPEG1 that would work on both platforms.

            Originally the file was a .mov file created from Final Cut Pro. I created the .mpg from a program reccommended by apple iVCD.

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              > On my client's computer it will not open
              > the video in either quicktime or windows media.

              Which OS is your client running? What versions of WMP and QT are
              installed? Again, does the file open and play on their machine when
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                So basically, the next step is to figure out what is having the actual
                problem. Is it the movie file that is perhaps not a fully mpg-1
                compliant file? Or is the client's computer having problems playing
                digital video?

                I would start by seeing if the client's computer can play other mpg-1
                files (perhaps something created in a different piece of software). If
                the computer is not capable of playing mpg-1 files, then some software
                needs to be updated or a codec installed or something. That would be
                very odd, since every version of Windows since Win95 has been able to
                play standard mpg-1 files without needing any additional software.

                If the client machine can play other mpg-1 files, then there may be a
                problem with this particular file. Try recompressing it using different
                settings, or ideally, a different program entirely. Look up the mpg-1
                spec on the web. There are some specific settings that a file needs to
                have in order to be fully compliant. It may be that your program
                created a not-fully-compliant mpg that the client machine could not deal
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                  Sounds like it might be the client's computer. Can it play MPEG-1 from another source?


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                    That's good advice that Mike provides. You could ask them to try playing
                    the MPEG1 file that ships with the MPEGAdvance Xtra demo - I would
                    imagine it's fully-compliant. If it turns out your file has problems (as
                    opposed to your client's machine), you could try compressing with
                    Tsunami: < http://www.tmpgenc.net/>