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    Introduction on Question Slide

      Complete newbie to message boards so please be gentle. I'll try not to break to many rules of etiquette. I have dove in with both feet having given up the rather limited add on to a popular presentation program for the wildly superior Captivate 2.

      ANYWAY, when I add a question slide to a presentation, (I downloaded a template to start the project, though I don't know if that has any impact at all.) it has the word, "Introduction" right in the upper left quadrant. Obviously it is there when I publish. I can't send it to the back, I can't send other stuff in front of it, I can't highlight and delete it, I can't move it, I can't shrink it, I can't do anything with it but glare and curse my ignorance.

      I am going to contract for training for my whole group (5 of us.) soon, but like many other projects they needed one person who could do this work yesterday and for my meager Producer experience they tapped me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Captivelater and welcome to our community

          Have you looked at perhaps the first or second slide? See if you see this "introduction". It could be a caption or image that has been configured to run for the whole project. If so, you need to find where it first appears in order to change or remove it.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Captivelater Level 1

            WOW, yes, apparently somewhere around slide 3, (Way back in a 75 slide project.) there was a text box I placed there and somehow clicked to dsiplay for "Rest of project", rather than "Rest of Slide" when I inserted a new question slide it just plopped that text box in there.

            I am a bit fuzzy on whether the text box defaults on a question slide, or whether ANY new slide would have that. Experimenting on that question will be for another day. Thanks Captiv8r, awesome pickup!