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    Panels/Windows & labels for reference?

    Dave LaRonde Level 6

      Hi, Folks...


      It's Dave LaRonde from the Creative Cow's AE forum.  I have a question that's been bugging me:


      Is there any place in AE's online Help with displays of the various windows and panels of the user interface, INCLUDING any buttons/check boxes/icons labeled with their proper names?  I'm tired of telling newbies, "Look for the pixel aspect ratio compensation switch at the bottom of the comp window.  I think it kinda looks like an accordion."


      I used to have my manual open to those pages all the time.  Now that everything's online, I'll be darned if I can find anything similar.  I think this would be a marvelous resource and reference. 


      I know I'd use it, because I really need remedial work in my knowledge of arcane AE lingo!