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    Merged Project hyperlinks not working

    LPMichael Level 1

      I know there are other topics on this and I have reviewed them and the external link to Peter's assistance site. I must be totally missing the boat on how to correctly set up cross project hyperlinks.


      I am using RoboHelp x8.

      I have one "parent" project that will be the generic GUI help for a multiple product platform.

      There will be several "child" projects that contain the data definitions for each of the products.

      Right now, we only have one product offering for this platform (with more to follow).


      I have the following source structure:


      Parent Project (User Reference)

      -- Child Project (Vector Securities)


      I have the following generated WebHelp structure:


      WebHelp Parent


      ----Vector Securities


      I have created a hyperlink from one parent topic to one child topic to test.

      I generate the child and parent help in WebHelp format.

      The parent WebHelp has the mergedProjects folder with the child subfolder inside.

      I have published the child WebHelp to the child subfolder inside of the mergedProjects folder.

      When I open the parent WebHelp, I can see and navigate to the child topics and they appear in the TOC.

      I also see the index entries for the child from the parent WebHelp.


      So, it appears all is fine... but, when I go to a "parent" topic and click a hyperlink to a "child" toipc, I get the message:


      "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"


      Here is how I set up the hyperlink:


      From the parent topic, I highlight text and click Insert Hyperlink

      I select the FILE option and navigate to the topic in the source of the child project

      I select the topic for the hyperlink

      Once selected, the Link To entry field shows:


      ../Vector Securities/HPI_Volatility_Index_Metrics.htm


      When I update the hyperlink, I get the message about an external link and click OK


      When I look at the hyperlink in the HTML source code of the parent topic, it looks like this:


      <a title="HPI Volatility Index Metrics" href="../Vector Securities/HPI_Volatility_Index_Metrics.htm">Hyperlink</a>


      Can anyone direct me to where I went off track on setting up the cross project hyperlinks?


      As always, any help would be appreciated --


      Michael F Weart

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          LPMichael Level 1

          One last thing I forgot.

          When I view the parent topic from WebHelp in NotePad, the hyperlink looks as follows:


          <a title="HPI Volatility Index Metrics" href="../..HPI_Volatility_Index_Metrics.htm" onmouseover="if ((parseInt(navigator.appVersion) == 4) && (navigator.appName == 'Netscape')) ehlp_showtip(this,event,'Volatility Index');" onmouseout="if ((parseInt(navigator.appVersion) == 4) && (navigator.appName == 'Netscape')) ehlp_hidetip();">Hyperlink</a>


          So, it appears the virtual reference is built correctly(?).


          Thanks --


          Michael F Weart

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            After a very long day I've only glanced at this but looks like you are missing a level in the source projects.


            Parent Project (User Reference)
            Child Projects
            - Child Project (Vector Securities)

            If you still cannot get it to work, post back and I'll look in the morning.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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              LPMichael Level 1

              That worked - I knew I had something wrong. This is what I did with the folder structure:


              User Reference (parent source folder)

              --- mergedProjects (folder to hold the source for all child source folders - I chose the name to be consistent with the output structure)

              ------Vector Securites (child source folder for the data definitions)


              I redefined the hyperlink from the parent to the child

              I recompiled the child and published to the mergedProjects/Vector Securities output folder in the WebHelp folder for the parent User Reference project.

              I recompiled the parent and the hyperlink to the child topic worked.


              THANKS for the nudge in the right direction.


              Michael F Weart