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    Premiere CS5 Crashes when exporting

    EckleySP Level 1

      Yeah, sounds familiar.  I hate to add yet another discussion on this, but I have a specific question. . .   s 


      I have an Intel i7 965 with 6G of Ram; lots of disk space and running Win 7 64 Bit.


      I have been running the CS4 version of Premiere Pro for sometime, and just downloaded, installed CS5.  This new project is the first one, and was built new, not 'converted' from a previous version.


      The sequence (there's only one) has a number of clips in video track 1 and about 10 titles in video track 2. The entire length of the sequence is 1 hour and 15 minutes.


      When I export to an AVI file, it begins to 'render' but crashes at about 74 percent completion.  That is about 56 minutes into the sequence.  I assumed I would find the offending title or effect (there are not many effects in use) at that point in time, but, of course, at that point, it is about 7 minutes into a clip that is about 25 minutes long.  Nothing else is at that point.  Just the video clip.


      So, I removed the video clip and it exported just fine.


      So, I created a new project and imported the offending video file -  which, btw, is the same as the others, an MPG file.   It gets to about 8 percent complete and crashes.   No titles, no effects, just add the asset and export.  Crash.  I shortened the clip until it finally rendered - about 6 minutes long.


      Any ideas?



      The original project - with the offending clip - rendered once.  I don't recall what settings I had, but it did make it through the entire sequence.  I've not been able to do it again.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give us the complete details of that offending MPEG and also the Sequence Preset that you are using for it? Got to be something in there somewhere, or at least I hope so.


          Good luck,



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            EckleySP Level 1

            The source file was created by playing a (VHS) tape player into a Hauppauger video interface and Beyond TV software.  I simply recorded the tape (which I can do again if I have to), and Beyond TV was configured to create a MPEG2 files.


            So, once created, I import the file into PP.  The 'dimensions' of the MPEG file is 720x480 and 29 fps.  Same as the sequence I loaded the clip into.


            I can only assume there is something wrong with that one place in the clip.  The actual clip is about an hour and a half long -  I was only using the first 20+ minutes.  I have rendered the rest of the clip (that AFTER the problem area) with no issue.


            I can do back and re-record that part of the VHS tape where the problem is, and maybe that MPEG file will be OK. . . 


            It's taken all day, but what seemed to be a Premiere Pro issue (it just happen to be the FIRST project I created with the new CS5 version), now seems to be data.  

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Can you configure your hardware to produce DV-AVI 720 x 480 w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio? That would be the best source footage to use.


              Good luck,