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    Flash Builder : managing multiple charts pojects for one XHTML site





      I have to make several Charts dor a statistics site that is NOT in full flex.


      In Flash Builder


      - i have one project per chart

      - i must change the compilation options (option -services -locale etc) depending on wich platform i deploy :

                - local windows machine

                - Linux pre-production server


      So it takes me a lot of time to build each project for the local host or for the pre-production one ...



      Is there a way to create a compilation profile to avoid re-typing each compilation option (like in netbeans per example) ?

      Is there a way to build several projects at the same time ? maybe in separate directories ? (in my case i would like to build 3 or 4 Charts that will be available on the same HTML page even if they don't use the same services ...)



      Thanks for your help