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    change response area of MOUSE_OVER event on a line

    snowgage Level 1

      I have some lines that I am assigning actions to upon MOUSE_OVER    


      The problem is that they are relatively small and kind of finicky to get the mouse directly over.  When the mouse_over event occurs, I am changing their color to indicate they've been selected.


      Is there a way I can change how sensitive they are to the mouse over event (i.e. detect MOUSE_OVER within 10 pixels of each MC or something)?


      Here's the code I am using to asign the listeners and then to create a MOUSE_OVER event.


      //create listeners for all biketrails mc's and designate functions
      function createListenersbk():void{
      for(var i:uint=0;i<bktrlXml.row.length();i++){
      var mc:MovieClip = MovieClip(allview.allthings.bktrls.getChildByName(bktrlXml.row[i].idlink));
      mc.ivar = i;


      //function for mousing over a bike trails MC
      function bktrlsover(e:MouseEvent):void{
      var ct:ColorTransform=e.currentTarget.transform.colorTransform;


      function bktrlsout(e:Event):void{
      var ct:ColorTransform=e.currentTarget.transform.colorTransform;