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    How Do I Link to Custom Component States From Scrolling Content Buttons?

    II Tom UK II

      Hi there, I'm in need of some help as i've got a deadline to meet within the next few weeks and im stuck!


      Basically what I've done is i've made a scrolling content lists, containing about 10 products in each one, my plan was to turn each product into a button so that users could click on that product, and take them to a new page containing more detailed information on that product; when they've finished looking at that product they can click a button to return them to the list they were on previously. However I can't just make a brand new state for each product as there is a limit to 20 states, and I will need around 50 of them.


      So, from what i've read I will need to create custom components. the only trouble with doing this is that I can't link to the custom component on a different main timeline state (I dont get the option to link to the states of the custom component).


      If i put the image of the detailed product into the scroll panel I am able to link to it, however, it's inside the scrolling content and it just scrolls around and stuff which isn't what I want; as it makes it look messy.


      - Basically I just need to link from the buttons in the scrolling list, to a more detailed page for that product. Then be able to return to the list using a button.


      If anybody has any input on how to achieve this, please help me out. Starting to panic now as this needs to be finished before september :s


      Btw i'm happy to share my .fxp file it that helps.


      Thanks alot, Hoping for some helpful replies on this topic


      - Tom