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    Canon 550D and Photoshop CS5 colors not matching

    Paolo Tramannoni Level 1



      I'm trying to load RAW photos shot with a Canon 550D to Photoshop CS5. Photos are taken in the sRGB color space. As you can see from the picture below (with the same photo shown in Canon's Digital Photo Professional on the left, and Adobe's Camera Raw import dialog on the right), colors do not match:




      It seems as if there was a different white balance, but I cannot say if this is the problem. Playing with the various color settings in Photoshop do not led me to matching the original picture.


      I had this same problem with a Canon Powershot S60 and a previous version of Photoshop (CS2?) in the past. Is there something that must be set on a Mac, when loading Canon photos in Photoshop?



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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Camera Raw does its own raw developing processing and results are not
          expected to match the camera JPEGs exactly.

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            Paolo Tramannoni Level 1

            Thanks. So, if I understand correctly, a RAW file should be interpreted in some way, and the way the Canon's and the Adobe's application do it in a different way.


            Anyway, I wonder why the results are so far the one from the other. I must add that I don't find Camera Raw's colors matching the real colors - while in the Canon rendition the bricks have the typical pinkish color of the bricks of this area, the bricks in the Adobe rendition are unnaturally reddish.


            I must check for some tutorials, and see if I can learn how to use Camera Raw to use different color styles and match my own tastes.



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try both the Camera Standard and the Adobe Standard profiles in the Camera Calibration tab in Camera RAW plug-in for Photoshop where the Camera Standard profile is meant to be the closest to the camera processing but only approximately.


              In regards to your particular side-by-side, the blackpoint in the Adobe version seems to be higher which makes everything darker, and increases the contrast, which naturally strengthens the colors:  the white clothing in the foreground being more blue, the purple shirt in the background, along with the bricks you mention all are more saturated.  Try moving the blackpoint down closer to zero from the default of 5, or even change the default toning curve from Medium Contrast to something less and see if that changes things.


              If you find you want less contrast or a lower blackpoint in your images, you can change the Camera RAW defaults to be something different.  Be careful in settings defaults based on one or two images, though, because if you have Auto Lighting Optimizations and/or Highlight Tone Priority enabled and those are getting picked up in DPP then you will be trying to match a moving target as the camera is performing its own optimizations before creating the JPG.  If that is the case, then you might as well just be pressing the Auto toning button in Camera RAW and start tweaking from there.

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                Paolo Tramannoni Level 1



                Thank you very much. Playing with the Blacks, Exposure, Fill Lights and Saturation did the trick.