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      I appear to be having trouble with using a button object within a training module that I am creating.
      I have used one in a previous project and it worked fine. This time I have inserted a button to go to a URL which it does, however the project continues to run in the background. To test the button I reset it to just continue, when previewing the slides the project does'nt pause for the button to be pressed !!
      I think I am falling apart !!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi JonO and welcome to our community!

          First, take a nice deep relaxing breath. Feel better? Good!

          Okay, let's fix the issue. Double-click your button object. See where you typed the URL? To the right of that area should be a down arrow button. Click that and you should see the option to open the URL in a new window. Now here's the magick part. Click it again and note a new option that was previously easily missed. It's called Continue playing project. Just make sure you DE-select that option and your button should behave as you want it to.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hi Captiv8r

            Thank you for this information. I tried it, and unfortunately, it does not work for me.

            I was just going to post a help message to this group about buttons, because they are just DRIVING ME CRAZY! I think we could use some tip sheet which gives the required settings for a slide which contains a button (next, previous). I set up 2 buttons, next and previous. One of them works just fine, the other doesn't! I keep clicking over and over and over again, nothing happens. Same problem both in IE and Firefox. I was beginning to think this was a Captivate bug, but am I missing something here? Which settings are necessary? I.E., now long should the slide be, and what settings should be used for the actual button? The default pause amount is 1.5. Just will NOT work for me!

            Cheers, Suzan
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              SuzanZ Level 1
              On peculiarity I have noticed with the buttons is that this problem seems to occur when there are 2 buttons inserted on the slide (e.g., both a previous and next button). One will work, one won't. On a slide with a single button, it works just fine, no problem. Is there some reason this is happening? They seem to be conflicting. On thing I tried is to set the slide length to 1.5 seconds (the same as the button pause time), which seems to work, but not when there are 2 buttons. Can you not have 2 buttons on a single slide?

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi Suzan

                Unfortunately there are no "Recommended Settings" for a Button object. What it all boils down to is the mix of objects on your slide and how they interact. By default, Button objects cause the slide to pause until they have been interacted with. Let's assume you inserted a blank slide. The slide will normally come in and be timed for 3 seconds in duration. Now let's say you insert a button object. You don't change anything about it and just click the OK button to insert the object on the slide.

                After you insert the button, it pops onto the slide. Let's observe some things. Shall we?

                Look at the Timeline. Notice those two vertical bars on the button object representation? Those indicate a pause. And if yours looks like mine (and there's nothing to make me think otherwise) the pause is probably occurring at the 1.5 second mark. To confirm this, double-click the button object on the slide to see the properties. Then click the Options tab. Note what is listed in the field labeled "Pause after:".

                Okay, now look at the Button tab. Note what you see in the drop-down field labeled "On success:". By default, this area is configured for "Continue". Personally, I think this default setting is probably the biggest source of confusion and frustration when it comes to Button objects. Here's why.

                Notice the Button object on the Timeline is split into two different areas. The area before the pause occurs is labeled "Active", while the area after the pause occurs is labeled "Inactive". What does this mean? It means this. The button is visible and can be clicked by the user while the playhead is in the Active area. So at any point along the way, up until the pause occurs (and even while paused) the button may be clicked by the user. Once clicked, the action assigned to the button is carried out. What if your button should go to the next slide when you click it? Well, if the button is left configured with the "Continue" action (remember, this is the default) nothing will appear to happen if the click occurs before the button pauses. When this happens, the button has already received its click action. It was set to "Continue", which it did as it should have. But it continues to the pause point and stops. And here is where it gets wonky.

                See, the button may only be clicked once. Because it was clicked before it paused, it continues to the pause point and stops. And it's dead at that point. So to remedy this, you change the "On success)" action from "Continue" to "Go to next slide. When this option is selected, it doesn't matter how much time is left to play, the next slide appears and begins playing.

                Does that make more sense? If not, post back where you may be confused and we'll try to help.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  SuzanZ Level 1
                  Hi Rick!

                  Wow! This is absolutely great! You are SO professional in your explanation! Everything makes sense now! What bugs me is that this information should definately be in the user manual (there is nothing at all, let along somthing like the detailed explanation you have given!). Yes, my Next button was set to the default 'Continue". I changed it to 'Go to next slide', and all works well!

                  Thank you thank you for your help Rick! Your advice is so wonderful! This has been bothering me for so long, and the solution is so easy! I am so happy to fix this!

                  Kind regards, Suzan
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                    KCWebPlaza Level 1
                    I agree with Captiv8r. Go to Next Slide option FTW! I use that for nearly all my buttons that are used for a "continue".