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    Big problems with RGB and Luma Color Corrector tone splitting


      So I've ran into a fairly serious problem with the Luma and RGB Color Corrector plugins in Premiere. The whole tonal range shadow-midtone-highlight division thing has gone whacky. The strangest part is that this feature works great as a part of the fast and 3-way color corrector plugins, just not the Luma and RGB.


      Pictures speak a thousand words so here is what I am talking about. Normal looking tonal range preview from the 3-way color corrector:



      RGB Color Corrector Tonal range, note the inverted transition areas from shadow to midtone:



      If I use a large transition from shadows to midtones, it gets really  whacky, and doesn't even render the shadows as black anymore:


      And to show that this affects the final product, here's what the composite looks like if I, say, brighten the shadows:


      I'm working with 5DmkII footage on 64-bit windows 7. I've tried to eliminate all possibilities and have tried a blank project with a single PSD file imported and applied the plugins and get the same result. Strange to me that I haven't been able to Google anything on the subject...