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    Flash CS5 hopelessly slow compared to CS4


      I use Flash mainly for Slideshow Pro content and before CS5 I have used CS3 and CS4. I have never noticed issues with speed before, but since upgrading to CS5, my work has slowed to a crawl.


      I am on a 64 bit machine Windows 7 machine very fast machine with 12 GB of memory, and while I realise that Flash is not a 64 bit program and can therefore not use all of that, I am wondering why it is so much slower than was CS4.


      Has anyone got any tips at all on speeding up the response?


      Thanks in advance



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          jendehaan Level 4

          Do you notice it for every file (ie: blank, empty FLAs) or when you're doing something particular in Flash or using a certain FLA? Do you have steps and FLAs we could use to try and reproduce the issue?




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            EllieKennard Level 1

            I only use Flash for Slideshow Pro components, including the thumb grid. Even in files with no thumb grid component, the response is slow, scrolling down the properties etc.


            However saving is very fast, publishing almost instant.


            What is slow is the selecting of components and the loading of properties for a component. If I share a FLA and you don't have the extension installed, I'm not sure that you will see anything useful. The files are on my local computer, although not on my RAID 0 drive, which might be faster.


            I usually load a FLA to edit a property of the component and scroll down etc. In a gallery such as includes the thumb grid (see http://www.stevenkennard.com/photography.html) going between the thumb grid component and the main ssp instance is painfully slow to load the properties.


            I hope this helps.



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              Brent Blaskievich Level 1

              I agree it is very slow using these SSPro and Thumbgrid. About 10-15+ seconds for the component parameters to load in CS5.


              Flash CS4 the component params appear instantly.


              I'm also on an Intel i7 3.2ghz Windows 7 machine with 6gb RAM, so there is nothing wrong with the computer specs.


              I use flash for many other projects and its just generally sluggish. Program needs some optimizations.

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                I just got a MacBook Air and a fresh copy of Flash CS5 installed. It is excruciatingly slow to open, save, and even switch between open files, no matter the size or the content. Is there some setting I should be changing? I am spending way too much time looking at the spinning wheel. Other applications run normally.