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    Feature Request.....

    impactvideo Level 1

      Dear Adobe:


      I like FC now that I am surmounting the considerable learning curve.


      I have some feature requests that I think would help this program live up to its billing.


      1. Support for video using H.264 encoded videos.  This is not only a superior video codec, but also would allow the use of Multi-pass encoding which, in my opinion, is essential for good results with high motion video content.


      2. Support for standard mp4 video format.  Using mp4 encoding (Squeeze 6) results in video files which cannot be imported into FC.  Even after renaming these files to the .f4v extension does not work.( it does work in Flash Professional).  Squeeze does not provide f4v encoding and I have contacted them (Sorenson Media) about this issue.


      3. Effects for objects beyond the simple transforms included with FC.  i.e venetian blind, wipes, fly ins, bounces, etc.  Same for text effects.


      4. How about being able to designs in a single screen/state with a timeline.  Instead of multiple states where transitions occur, how about one screen where the objects themselves can have effects, transitios etc added along with individual control for these effects.  A single timeline where objects, and their durations, can be precisely placed just by dragging to the appropriate location of the timeline ala video edting software.   This type of functionality is possessed in other Flash authoring programs such as Wildform Flair and others. This would result in much greater ease of use and much shorter project time.


      I do congratulate Adobe on the effort to simplify the Flash authoring process.  With some further simplification I think this could be a true world class product and open the door for many more users. Right now it possesses a pretty frustrating learning curve.




      Jeff Deuitch

      Impac tVideo Tours

      Palmetto, Fl