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    Embedding HTML Into Flash?

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      Let me start with the fact I only know some AS2. AS3 tends to go over my head. So I'm using Flash 8

      If I need FlashCS5 to do this, then, PLEASE, let me know.


      Here's the situration.


      I manage and build a number of sites. Many are parts of a network. The goal is to join them all as one. Both without using php (don't know php), and without having to leave primary page. A Flash Site is the plan. But that is a TON of work to re-create entire sites flash that are already large and established.


      So I got to thinking. What if I embed the HTML/CSS sites into Flash itself? That way they can still make their changes and it'll effect both the HTML version as well as it's mirror/portal via the Flash site?


      In Short:

      I want to embed this page on one frame in Flash:


      And place a link to another KeyFrame that has this page/site embeded:



      How would I go about doing this?



      Then it got me thinking even more. If this works, would it be possible to load a SWF video player (Webstunning FLV Player) into Flash and run it as if it's part of the Flash site?


      I thought the Loader Component would do this for me. But it keeps saying it can't locate the "playList.xml" file. The player has outside files it referances. This eoor prevent the player.swf from playing period.


      So how would I go about getting the loader to player external .SWF files that referance external .XML files?

      Here are two sample pages using different .SWF files that referance external .XML files:




      Thanks in advance.