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    Calcluate based on year




      Looking for help on calcluating something in a form.


      I have a table with three columns (Things, Year Purchased, Cost).  The Year Purchased column has drop down list with 2010 and 2011 in it.   Under the table I have two numeric fields named 2010 and 2011.  When a person selects a Year Purchased and then puts a cost to it (ex Thing = socks, Year Purchased = 2010, Cost $5.00) I want the year 2010 numeric field to show the $5.00.  If 2011 is selected I want the cost to go into the 2011 numeric field and finally, as more costs are inputted for either year, I want the numeric fields to keep adding them and show the sum.


      Unfortunately the table can't be laid out any different than what is described.  I have an example but I can't figure out how to attach it...I'm surprised I was able to turn the computer on this afternoon


      Any help would be much appreciated.