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    Advanced DataGrid mulitplecells select issues


      I am using the Advanced Data Grid as follows...


      <mx:AdvancedDataGrid id="dg" y="53" left="0" textAlign="center" visible="true" sortExpertMode="true"
               width="962" itemRollOver="setupFields(event)" keyUp="myKeyUpHandler(event);" allowMultipleSelection="true" selectionMode="multipleCells" contextMenu="{cm}" > 




      I am able to select multiple cells by holding down the shift key and mouse clicks and i am happy about it. however, when i click outside the selected area i expect the selected area to be unselected and the the cell where i clicked should be selected. The later is happening however the the cells that i previously selected appears still as selected to the eye, but when i just move my mouse over the selected area, the selected color just appears to be disappearing as if an eraser is erasing the color of the selected area.


      I have two browsers on my windows box, one with  and the other with I see this behavior only on the later browser. The older flash palyer works fine....


      Please help....