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    Adobe Reader 9 plugin crash


      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Firefox 3

      IE 7


      Whenever I try to read a pdf using Adobe reader in a browser, it crashes and I get booted from the browser.  If I try to read the pdf outside of the browser using Reader, the same plugin error window pops up and the Reader crashes.


      I'm not entirely computer-savvy, so I don't know how to do a crash report, but if someone can tell me how, I will gladly provide one.


      I saw on another forum to do something with the dll's, but I'm unsure of the procedure by which to do this.


      The only way I've been able to read pdf's has been through "google documents" when I receive them via email.


      Could someone please help?  I need to view/print documents for a legal battle regarding my child and I'm not able to do this currently.


      Thank you!

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          pwillener Level 8

          First - what version of Adobe Reader do you have?


          And now it gets a little bit complicated.  Adobe Reader can be a plugin to Internet Explorer, and it crashes when you try to open an online PDF document.  That is not unknown; it happens sometimes.


          But when you open the standalone Adobe Reader, it also crashes with a plugin error.  This time it must be a plugin to Adobe Reader, not Internet Explorer.


          Furthermore you write "the same plugin error window pops up" - so I can only assume that it is a Reader plugin that crashes, not the IE plugin.


          What I would try in your situation:


          The path in the second line above could also be ...\Reader 8.0\... depending on your Reader version.

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            indigofemme Level 1

            Thank you!  That absolutely cleared it.


            For posterity, I was using Reader 9.3.3 and the only plugin in the "plugins" folder in Windows Explorer was some program called "Babylon". When following your steps I left the old Reader (9) in Windows Explorer alone... I wasn't certain from the instructions if I was supposed to delete it after uninstalling it, so I just left it and deleted the "plugins" folder, as indicated.


            I checked my ability to read a pdf using Adobe in Mozilla (3) and the newly re-uploaded Reader (9.3.3), and it worked fine.


            Thank you again!

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              pwillener Level 8

              You're welcome - glad it worked.  Yes, we have seen plugin errors associated with "Babylon" a lot recently.