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    135 error when downloading pdf with Chrome


      Love Google Chrome but have had a frustrating week with pdf downloads coming up with error codes and scrambled or blank pages since updateing with 9.3.3  .  Thought the problem was originally from installing Win Office 2010 Pro when I discovered the problem.  Uninstalling Win Office Pro and trying all possible fixes for 9.3.3 were to of no avail.  Thank god for the massages left in this forum.  It looks like there is some work to be done with compatibility issues.  Will try IE to see if I have success similar to others but would like to have the chrome back and working with Adobe!!!  Hope to see a Fix ASAP!

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          Back again, 11:14 EST 8/12/10 .  Just uninstalled the non working version of 9.3.3 and reloaded again  from the Adobe site.  Finally the pdfs are downloading without errors in Goggle Chrome on my 64 bit system!!! Hooray.    Will be extra cautious with future upgrade downloads; as this seems to be when the trouble started.