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    Selecting part of the video image and placing it in the video


      Sorry to bother you all and I cannot even be sure what I want to do is in premiere - I have the master collection and one of the reasons I have finally graduated to Adobe with video authoring is that a trainer showed me a few years ago how to select part of my video (in my case the horses head) and playing that clip  in the corner of the main video at the same time - so the head (for example) is seen as a close up in the corner and playing at the same time. I cannot now locate the trainer and cannot work out the proper terminology to get a reasonable answer on any searches. When he showed me how to do it, he simply highlighted the horses head as the horse was performing and clicked something in the menu and there is was being played at the same time. So can anyone help - even with the terminology to search - I thought it was PIP but I cannot seem to get what I want from those tuts. As you can see I am not ready for big film but I am trying to learn how to better what I can author. thanks in advance, Julie