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    cflocation issue with IE

      CFMX 7
      IIS 6
      IE 6.0.2900.2180......

      I'm having an issue with using with cflocation in IE when I use an anchor name reference in the url parameter. Here's my tag:

      cflocation addtoken="no" url="index.cfm?tid=#url.tid###somelocation"

      It works fine in Firefox and Mozilla, but IE has an issue with it. I believe that in IE, it thinks the "##somelocation" is a part of the url variable "tid". Just to note, I use cfqueryparam for all my url variables in queries. This only happens when I try to redirect using cflocation, not just simple links to a page.

      As a quick fix, I put an "&" between "#url.tid#" and "##somelocation", but I'm curious if there is a better way.