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    Flash Builder doesn't rebuild the project everytime I modify the code




      Flash Builder doesn't rebuild the project everytime I modify the code.


      I find myself chasing ghosts when trying to debug my project. Flash Builder 4.0 doesn't rebuild my project after every change I make.


      The "Project - Build Automatically" is of course selected. To make sure the problem is real I ran "Project - Build All" several times. Nothing helped.


      For example, I am using a boolean constant to select different code in an if block. Even if I change the value of the boolean, When I debug the code, I see that the constant's value doesn't change. Only If I log out login again, FB will rebuild my code.


      This happens too many times and it is very confusing to debug, when you don't know if the result now is with or without your changes.


      It also affects the following:

      - breakpoints that are set or disabled are not taken into account and the debugger will skip them even if they are set or stop on them if they are disabled.

      - the debugger stops the debug on empty lines, if those lines previously contained code.

      - When I comment out the declaration of variables. Eclipse doesn't recognize them and doesn't show any hint on them when you hold the CTRL key and hover over, but while in debug mode, when you hover over the variable instance, its shows a value for it.


      Thanks for your help.