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    Is this tiling possible?

    Norman Be

      Please take a look at this mock-up. Is is a screen shot of the CS canvas and I pasted 4 pictures into it.

      The pictures are 10in x 8in at 240 DPI-

      Arange Tile produces scrollbars which is unacceptable for my purpose which is: Event Photography.

      I want to show four different pictures side by side to be able to upsell. Up to now I make the pictures (Actions)

      and Control-Tab to cicle through the four pictures


      Can a script do this?

      Thanks for reading.

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          Ghoulfool Level 1

          Althougth it would be a fairly straight forward script. can you not just use contact sheet (file -> automate -> contact sheet) for placing four photos together as one image?

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            The four images look each look like a collage. The four images together look like a collage of four collages.  If contact sheet does not do what you want it would be easy to create a collage template for four images on a gray background and create an action to help populate the template. In my Photoshop Image Visualization package there is a collage toolkit using four simple it is easy to create collage template and populate them using some of the included actions. There are some examples included here http://mouseprints.net/old/dpr/Examples/ with links to the documentation and file downloads. A simple example: http://mouseprints.net/old/dpr/Examples/911.jpg

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              Norman Be Level 1


              I guess I explained it badly. I do not want to make collages or put several pictures together into one.

              I want to tile my collages on the canvas like using Window-Arrange-Tile which tilesas you can see here on this screen shot but produces scroll bars.


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                Norman Be Level 1

                Thanks JJMack

                My bad wording misled you and others. I do not want collages or contactact sheets. I want to tile like: using Window-Arrange-Tile which produces a tile but with scroll bars as you can se in this screen shot.


                I want the pictures to tile without the scollbars.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  If If  If you have only 4 open documents in Photoshop. If they all have landscape aspect ratio. I would think a simple action would be all that is needed. Try this one on for size http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/Tile4.atn    If there are still vertical scroll bars add and additional zoom out step for each image in the action. Its simple. On my UXAG display 1600x1200 this action works for 3:2 landscape images.

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                    Norman Be Level 1

                    Your action works well. Thanks for the action.I thought I was an expert in action. Oh My G! Only had to change the instances of Next Document to Previous Document.

                    Do you see a way to get rid of the extended gray area around the picture?

                    Take a look,


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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      Yes Photoshop changes the way things work from time to time. In newer versions of Photoshop open documents are in a ring you can use next document forever and process around the ring.  In older versions of Photoshop open documents are just strung together in a chain. There is a beginning and an end to that chain.  In an action you need to know where you are in that chain and use next and previous to move around. With actions you need to be careful adding documents and removing document  for that will change the relative position between document. On the other hand Scripts will most likely be able to find the open document the want by name by running through chain.  Photoshop also changes its user interface from release to release adding and removing menu items.  When they remove item there is a good chance the some users action will break because the deleted menu item was inserted into the action and that stem will now generate an error message.


                      About the gray areas you stated you wanted to not have scroll bars.  You did not you still have vertical scroll bars. To get rid of these you need to zoom out more you will have more gray area. Also  Adobe keeps changing the frame around Image windows in cs2 cs3 cs4 and cs5 there is more information in the frames scroll bars are always there however they are grayed out when the zoom scale of the image completely fits within the window.  Here is what 4 8MP 3:2 Canon images look in CS5 when you zoom out as far as needed.  In CS5 if you do not zoom out so the images fit within the windows only the active image window has active scroll bars however none of the image windows will contain the whole image like your windows with the scroll barsTile4.jpg.


                      I could show less gray if I could somehow record or insert something into the action to scale my 8MP images to 21.5% but I can not find a way. I also do not think a script can do that either.  Not all Photoshop function is scriptible.  I did not see anyting in the scripting guide about scaling or zooming a Photoshop image window.  When you can not do something using Photoshop script programming you can often use the Action Manager interface. The ScriptListener plug-in can record anything that Photoshop can record in javascript and vbs code.  In this case the ScriptListener would not help for things the action does was not done by recording Photoshop steps instead Photoshop menu Items were inserted into the action.  So in this case a script may have to resort to playing an Action to zoom and tile image windows.   If I could zoom all windows to 21.5% the view woul look like this



                      Your images would show more gray because of their aspect ratio. While my displays aspect ratio is 4:3 if  you subtract the Windows Task Bar and Photoshop bars areas from the 4:3 displays area the areas left in the Photoshop Window for its images windows is a close match to my 3:2 Images. Your images look like they have a 5:4 aspect ratio.

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                        Norman Be Level 1

                        Well explained.

                        Yes the aspect ratio is 5:4. Now here I got another problem. When tiled I very often must go back and show one of the documents in full screen which I tried to automate but failed.

                        I can insert in an action the menu item " Fit on Screen" but then I must manually scale to view the entire document.

                        I guess this step can also not be automated.

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                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                          Click on the image you want to show full screen then press the "F" key twice followed by CTRL+0 to get out of it press "F" then run the action to tile the images again. Sometimes it not worth automating something that is easy to do.... Of course you could automate it insert menu item View>Screen Mode>Full Screen mode insert menu item View>Fit on Screen.  However you need to click on the image, then Click on the action in the action palette then click Play or press a function key set that plays the action.  In all cases you need to click on the image. IMO FF Ctrl+0 is fast and easy and does not wast a function key.

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                            MTSTUNER Level 6

                            I don't mean to intrude, but here's another way to record an action for

                            tiling your four images in photoshop cs.


                            Just wanted to post to give you some more ideas for your action.







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                              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                              There is a little difference between your action and mine.  You still need to know how many documents are open so you can put the proper number of zoom out steps in the action.  Your action uses View actual pixels, the required number of zoom out steps, tile and match zoom  and location for all documents which I think would require all documents to have the same pixel size. Where my action uses view fit on screen and required number of zoom out  steps on each open document and tile which may allow document to have a different pixel size.

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                                MTSTUNER Level 6

                                Just to clarify a bit on how the action is supposed to work (it's not perfect).


                                The fist step: My Workspace is really not needed. (one should save their

                                workspace anyway)


                                The second step: Select Workspace Presentation, selects the so named workspace

                                that is set to no palettes, tool options, or status bar in the workspace. (same as

                                hitting the tab key in cs)

                                To make this workspace in photoshop cs, just hit the tab key, then save a



                                The third step: Select Actual Pixels menu item, changes the active document to 100% view.


                                The Zoom Out steps depend on what zoom % works with four images tiled not

                                showing the scrollbars. For example if that zoom % is 12.5%, then 6 insert zoom out

                                menu items would be required. (the screen pictured above is 1280x720 which is a little

                                smaller than the op's of 1280x800)  Just add or subtract steps as required.


                                The step: Select Tile horizontally menu item, tiles the images on the screen.


                                The last step: Select Match Zoom and Location menu, sets the other

                                three open images to the same zoom ratio as the still selected (active)

                                image from the third step.


                                All the steps except for the first two, were done by insert menu item

                                while recording the action.


                                The action works with four landscape images regardless of size or pixels.


                                Although it's not perfect, it does miss once in awhile, it doesn't generate

                                any can't select next or previous document errors.




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                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                  Yes that is what your action does. As you an I have stated you need to know how many document are open in Photoshop to be able to record the correct number of zoom outs steps into the action.


                                  My action makes sure that Photoshop image window size changes when the image is zoomed. By making sure that the Photoshop preference that does that is set correctly.  Then the action fits each open image to fit on screen then shrinks each window size by zooning out before tiling the windows. So my action would display four images from four different mega pixel size 3:2 ration cameras on screen the same size.


                                  Your action would need to record zoom out steps to handle the largest mega pixel image and the image would be displayed with different sizes in the tiles.


                                  When all images involved have the same size pixel both actions will produce the same visual results.


                                  Well that is what I though but I was not quite right.  When the Images pixels sizes are not the same my action does not  display all image the same size.

                                  I do not have four different size 3:2 cameras I have a Canon EOS-1D Mark II 8.2 million effective pixels 3504 x 2336 but have been looking to ugrade

                                  Canon EOS-1D Mark III 10.1 million effective pixels 3888 x 2592

                                  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 21.1 million effective pixels 5616 x 3744

                                  Canon EOS-1D Mark IV 16.1 million effective pixels  4896 x 3264

                                  So I up sampled one of my 1D2 images to the sizes of the 1D3 1D4 images and ran the actions.  There is some differences is the zoom scale in my action but not what I expected. Of course you action zoome all image to the same scale. Here is what I saw:TheActions.jpg

                                  My action produced this result


                                  Your Action produced this result
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                                    Norman Be Level 1

                                    I appreciate your contributionand and will figure out which action is better.

                                    I always tile 4 Horizontal Pictures or 4 vertical ones. The pictures are made with an action at ones and I have several different actions for different sets of 4 pictures each. I want to avoid clicks and spend the time interacting with the customer selling not only one picture but 2 or more.

                                    The WOW factor also helps.

                                    I will try your action Monday because over the weekend I work 12hours a day and need some sleep.

                                    Take a look at the environment I work on 42nd Street. It's a Million Dollar a Year Business and a Mad Hause. 15 guys competing.


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                                      Norman Be Level 1

                                      For my purpose it would not matter if the sizes are the same I always work with the same camera.

                                      I knew of the FF click but never thought of it for this purpose. It is a bit cumbersome but works fine for this purpose.