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    Problems with .prproj files


      i should open a .prproj file i had got from a friend, but when i tryed to open it, this poped up: This project contained a sequence that not could be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec be associated with this sequence type."


      Plz help



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Are you using the trial version of Premiere?

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            Nyllon Level 1

            Yes. i will get the serial at few days, i have orded it.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Then you will have to wait until you get the full version.

              Your sequence probably contains mpeg, and that is a no show in the trial.

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                Nyllon Level 1


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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  details of what's not in the trial version:


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                    steveprc Level 1

                    Well, I just purchased CS5 Master Collection, and I specifically asked the Adobe representative if I could pay for both the physical discs (had issues with the ability to re-download software in the past) and a download of the full version of the software with a license key to ensure that I'm fully operational today (well, yesterday technically). I was told that I could do both for an extra charge of $38, but he recommended that I just use the trial version until my purchase arrives because it's "exactly the same" (his words) as the full version. I would have gladly paid the extra fee for both because its critical that I'm able to work with all the resources of Premiere Pro to finish a video editing project that MUST be finished as quickly as possible. Well, Imagine my surprise after spending two hours downloading the trial version of CS5 Master Collection, that the information I was given was complete bunk. I spent hours looking for possible resource pages that might have downloads of the resources needed to work with the video files from my EX3, and to open projects that I've already started in Premiere Pro CS4. Well, after failing to find any reason why all the compatibility features needed to work on my projects were absent, I come to these forums only to find that the trial version is NOT exactly the same as a fully licensed version, but now my purchase has already been processed and I don't have the option to add the download. I've wasted half a day chasing my tail for nothing, and suffice it to say, I'm pretty pissed off that this was completely misrepresented to me.


                    This brings me to my next two questions.


                    My day started with a promotional email extolling the virtues of Premiere Pro CS5 and a supported Nvidia GPU. It claims to be 4 times faster as a result of the new Mercury Playback engine and "CUDA" Technology. I have a Nvidia Quadro FX 5600, but the promotional email only mentions the 3800, 4800 and 5800 GPUs. So, I called to clarify if the 5600 will benefit the same as the listed GPUs. I was told I needed to speak with a more experienced staff member, at which point I was transferred to someone else. I was told that the 5600 would benefit "exactly" the same as the listed GPUs, which was a deciding factor in making the purchase. Had it not been compatible enough to benefit fully from the new features of CS5, I would have to push my plans forward for a new machine with a 5800 GPU. Having discovered that the information I was given regarding the trial version is a complete fantasy, I have to now wonder if I was also given false information regarding the 5600 GPU.


                    The next question is, assuming the above is correct (I'll contact Adobe for confirmation in writing), how to I resolve the issue of not having software that will function until he shipment arrives? This compromises my schedule to complete the aforementioned projects, which can have serious implications regarding my employment status. This is partially the reason I dropped $1000 on the new software  - so I could work more quickly and buy myself a little extra time. I'll contact Adobe bright and early to see if I can resolve this and get some accurate answers to my questions this time, but it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone that gets information via phone support. the trial version IS NOT the same as the fully licensed version. If you need it now, AND want the discs too, pay the $38 and ignore the well-intentioned but misinformed sales staff.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Trial versus full product: The software is identical, but some  features in the trial are disabled, like MPEG support and Encore. After  installing the key for a full version, the disabled features are  enabled. See the limitations of the trial version on the website.


                      The FX5600 is a three year old card and is not officially supported. Adobe can not tell that it works "exactly" like the FX5800. Although it has enough memory to try the 'hack', you have no guarantee it will work. The upgrade to a FX5800 is ill advised, because it is EOL. Better look into the Quadro 5000 or 6000 if you need a Quadro card. Those cards are about 6 to 12 times more expensive than a similarly equipped GTX 470, at least in clock speed and number of cores, only in memory do the Quadros have an advantage. Whether that is worth the price difference, you have to decide.

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                        steveprc Level 1

                        Thanks very much for the info. It' appears there's no functionality in the trail version to work with high-res digital video in addition to not being able to open the CS4 files, which is the same issue indicated by the OP. Had I known, of course I would have spent the few extra dollars to get rolling right away, but that ship had sailed, as the saying goes.


                        I was considering the 5800 for support reasons, but perhaps the new models will be supported and available soon. I also run Solidworks, and they tend to be picky about which graphic cards they support. As I understand it, these are pretty much the same as the 470 you mentioned, with a single binary digit flipped that enables the cards to function with some software packages, requiring the purchase of a $6000 card instead of a $500 card, at least to get the GPUs with the maximum horsepower. I have a full plate and can't handle tech support and compatibility issues on top of the work load, which I guess makes me the perfect sucker for the "supported" cards. Thanks again for the advice.

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                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Steve, I'd check on the shipping time (no sense arguing over a day or two), and then see if adobe will provide you your product key by email.  It doesn't sound likely, but the guy told you this would work.  Then again, he told you to use the trial till it arrived, so his information is suspect big time.  You can also return the order - 30 days no questions, right? Perhaps a customer service oriented sales person will redo your order and let you pay the additional $38.

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                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                            Please send me the case number for the phone interactions that you had in which you were told that the trial version is identical to the full version and that the 5600 card would provide full support for Premiere Pro CS5. My email address is kopriva at adobe dot com.


                            I'll make sure that the person who gave you this information is given the correct information. I can't guarantee further action beyond that, but I'll see what I can do.


                            BTW, here is the system requirements page, which lists the 5800 but not the 5600 as providing GPU acceleration:



                            Here again is the list of limistations of the trial:



                            (I'm just repeating these here for anyone else reading this thread, so they have everything in one place.)

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                              steveprc Level 1

                              Hello Stan - Yeah, I checked that and it was scheduled to arrive a full week later. I've since had to spend another $1000 to ensure that I got it right away, but at least that part of it is resolved.


                              Todd - Information sent. Thank you.