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    Graphs - Defining Parameters

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      I'd like to define a parameter for Preview - "On", "Off" in Photoshop CS5.

      What would be the best way doing it within a Graph?


      May I define a Boolean parameter?


      I saw that in Kernels I can define "maxValueName" etc...

      Is it possible in Graphs as well?





      Photoshop won't respect "maxValueName".

      Is there a way to create a bool / Int parameter in Photoshop with the writing On / Off?



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          Royi A Level 1

          Is there a way in graph to define a Kernel to run only once?


          Let's say I'm doing a decomposition to an image into 3 images.

          I run the same Kernel 3 times with different parameters (The user doesn't control those).


          I get 3 images as a result.


          Now the user control the weighing of each decomposition in the new image which is a composition of each of them.

          The problem is each time the user changes the Weighing for each decomposition PB would recalculate the whole 3 Decomposition all over again.


          Is there a way to prevent it?

          Something like telling the node you run 3 times (Each time with different Parameters) and that's it. from now on the results are 3 Constant images for the next Node to handle (With user Parameters).?



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            Bob / Kevin?