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    Vst audio plugins


      Hello everybody,


      To edit my audiotracks, I want to use some helpfull VST plugins, that I'm used to work with in my audiosoftware.


      According to Adobe, the only thing I have to do, is to copy the files (*.dll) to the Plug-in directory.

      In my case that doesn't work.


      I found that PSE 7 is looking in a subdirectory of the VST-directory of my audio-software. Knowing that, I started tot copy my audioplugins to that particular directory. That works fine,except that few of the plug-ins aren't visible in my PSE workspace, while they are placed in the same directory as some visible others. The strange thing is that some of them surely are loaded when I start PSE 7. I can see that in de pink start-up screen.


      Does anybody have a tip?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say which version of the program you're using, and it does vary a bit from version to version. It also makes a difference if you're using the English version or one set up for another language.


          But in version 8 on my computer, the plug-ins load into a VST folder in the PLUG-INS/EN_US folder.


          (Though, of course, another possible issue is that may not all VST plug-ins are actually compatible with Premiere Elements!)

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            MichSM1 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            I use PSE 7 in dutch Language.

            There is indeed a folder called nl_NL, in the plug-in folder of premiere

            elements, but the plugins I put in there are not recognized or seen by the




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You did put them inside a folder named "VSTPlugins", didn't you?


              If you did and it still does not work, it could be that some plug-ins do not work with the program.


              I have four VST plug-ins in my folder, and they all came with the program: DeNoiser, Dynamics, PitchShifter and Reverb2.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                PrE can work with some VST's, but not all. It will depend on the particular VST, how it's written, and what it does.


                There are three things that can happen with a VST:


                1.) PrE can load it and use it just fine

                2.) PrE can load it, but cannot use it*

                3.) PrE cannot load it, and launch will fail, when trying to do so


                It could well be that you have some that PrE cannot use, and only an appropriate audio-editing program can use them.


                Good luck,




                * I do not know if this happens with PrE, but PrPro will throw a one-time message to the effect of "PrPro cannot use SampleTank2.dll, but will load it." That message does not appear again, and SampleTank2 will not be available to PrPro. Do not recall PrE throwing such a message, but then I have it on my laptop only, and have few additional VST's on that computer.