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    ActionScript generation - Can it ignore ActionScript keywords in 4.0.1?


      When using Flash Builder eclipse plug-in Version 4.0 (build 272416), we are able to digest the Data/Services of a BlazeDS enabled server.  The ActionScript generator dynamically connects to the BlazeDS server, and then generates the necessary ActionScript.  Another developer happened to download their Flash Builder a few weeks later 4.0.1 (build 277662) and is getting the following error when attepting to digest the Data/Services:


      ActionScript generation is not supported for entities containing properties or methods that clash with ActionScript keywords.  Entity "MapLink" contains illegal property "to".


      Indeed, the error message is correct; Our MapLink object does have an attribute "to".  However, we have no ability to change this attribute!


      So my question is:  Is there a way to configure the ActionScript generator to ignore this rule?  Or is there another work-around for this (other than roll all the developers back to the 4.0 version of Flash Builder)